The summer before my senior year of high school I was one of the few people to throw parties in my hometown. There was another guy from the school a few miles away that did the same. We never really knew each other until this year. He was invited to the house party because my sister was a friend of his.

Each party I threw I would set up a few computer speakers and a laptop with a fresh mix of some new iTunes downloads. Knowing this party would be bigger than the last (because I invited a few too many people) I decided it would be smart to set up a few home theatre surround sound speakers. That night at the party my sisters friend Adam approached me. We talked about our high schools a bit and how we both enjoyed throwing parties. As the conversation escalated we got on the subject of how we both enjoyed not only throwing the parties, but the music and sound system that came with the package. Both of us had purchased or had laying in the back of the attic some old speakers that we used for our parties. At the conclusion of that conversation we decided that it would be in our best interest to combine music and speakers for our next parties.

The next few parties came and went. All were a hit due to the new sound system we had combined to make. After one of these house parties we decided the parties were going so well we would make a business out of it. After a weekend of planning we came up with some prices and a name. From now on we would be known as BassDrop Entertainment. The next year flew by. We worked Friday and Saturdays for the next year. We marketed by word of mouth and emailing some local schools.

The summer after my senior year arose a challenge for the company. I was moving to college in Iowa from my hometown in Illinois. The company would be split up. Adam was ready to take on the operations in Illinois on his own while I opened a new sector of the company in Iowa. The college campus of Iowa State University would have numerous opportunities for us. During the transition to having two locations we decided to change the name of the company. We went with Wakefield Entertainment. This is where we are now.

Written by Brendon Geils

Hi. My name is Brendon Geils. I'm from the Chicago Suburbs and go to Iowa State University. I enjoy studying my butt off as an Electrical Engineer and doing triathlons. Start-ups and Entrepreneurship are two things I enjoy participating in. I write, read, and program when I can. Send me...
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