Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Hiya! My name is Brendon Geils. I currently attend Iowa State University studying electrical engineering with a minor in computer science. I am from a suburb of Chicago (Elgin, IL). My fondness for entrepreneurial ventures and technology related businesses has led to a startup, Sodima Solutions, that I co-founded. Building  Sodima Solutions I’ve learned a few invaluable lessons, which I share in my blog. My current hobbies include chess, philosophy, programming and traveling (cliche we know, who doesn’t).

Check out my blog for more information regarding technology, entrepreneurship, and coding. The blog is geared towards young entrepreneurs that are in college. Much of the blog contains tips and motivation in business and technology. I included ventures and projects of my own so you can learn from the mistakes I made along the way, and trust me there are plenty.

Contact me regarding any of the following subjects:

  • Programming (My favorites are Python and Java)
  • Business Ventures/Entrepreneurship
  • Travel Experiences (grab something off my bucket list!)
  • Data Science/Analytics/Statistics – NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Blockchain
  • Investing Opportunities
  • Anything remotely interesting, I am all ears

What I am currently working on:

  • Sodima Solutions – Chat technology company with a focus on applying artificial intelligence to the communication space
  • Energy Blockchain – The general idea is to allow property owners (commercial & residential) to trade electricity with one another. In some countries the energy provider charges a factor more for the energy they sell compared to the energy they would buy back (feed-in tarif). If someone had the ability to sell the their neighbor they would close this gap with a free market (built on blockchain for security and proof of work). We won a hackathon in the Netherlands , competed in Helsinki, Finland and just finished a virtual hackathon in Dubai with this idea.
  • Attempting to knock out items from the Impossible List
  • Interning with Palantir Technologies in London



Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Entrepreneurship: Pictured on the left is Marcellus and Brendon working working on the final designs for a new chatbot technology. Month six from inception of Sodima Solutions. Location: South Beach, Miami, FL








Procter & Gamble 2014 Intern Group Skydiving

Skydiving: These five brave souls embarked on a 9,000 foot drop outside of Chicago, IL. From left to right Kevin, David, Jadel, Brendon and Aaron. The group was all interning at Procter & Gamble when pictured and made this jump after a corporate trip to headquarters. Jumps: ||






Web Development: Xplore was the product of a 36 hour hackathon at Iowa State University. A team of four students developed this website to give people the opportunity to xplore  certain lifestyle preferences within a region.